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The Euros

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1 minute ago, maverick1200 said:

They were out on their feet. A goal was coming anyway. They had 10 me at the end. If it was still 1 all, England would of scored. 

They were, I think they were playing for penalties and the dodgy penalty suckered them England were the stronger team

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Just now, folkestoneger said:

True. All modern players go down if their leg hairs are brushed against. It just seems that it is acceptable to throw yourself to the floor at every opportunity. In my day it was called cheating 

It looked to me like he was held back a few seconds before when he started his run, and stayed on his feet. I always think the refs should reward that with a foul, but they never do in the box, so I don't really blame attackers for thinking "why should I give the ref a choice?". 

If Celtic had got that sort of pen I would be raging, but if we DIDN'T I would be raging. It's the nature of the game.

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2 minutes ago, BrotherTJ said:

Aye, I just had a look myself.  I must just add another punt on Italy to add to the one I put on at the start.

did likewise mate....only at 7s tho

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Probably the best two teams in the tournament in the final, although Denmark should be very proud of themselves.

Reckon Italy will have just too much but very possible England will win. However, since I live in England and every cunt will be absolutely fucking unbearable, Forza Azzurri.

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There’s a nation of 5 million just got to the semi final playing with style throughout, Scotland done the country proud though 😂😂Scotland are honking 

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What another cracking night of football. Technically not a classic compared to last night but the tension and atmosphere made it (similar to Denmark v Russia).

England deserved to win tonight and Kasper made some absolutely world class saves, especially the one from Maguire. I thought it was even for 60/65 minutes and then Denmark became way to reactive and left Braithwaite and Poulsen totally isolated.

Italy and England have no doubt been the two best team and deserve to be in the final. I'm absolutely buzzing for it! 

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