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The Euros

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1 minute ago, McEwan's Lager said:

Anyone see those tragic cunts with the 'We'll Be Back' Saltire :lol: 

Like the outsiders not invited to the popular kids party.

really cringe.

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1 minute ago, TheKingObv said:

Why would he dive around when Italy have all the momentum? Clearly injured.

He was barely bumped. Hardly anything in that challenge.

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Just now, Creampuff said:

How the fuck is Mount still on? He’s been anonymous. Surely Grealish needs on for one of him and Sterling? 

If you had a positive thinking manager yes….

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2 minutes ago, Sparkle said:

Aye there’s a few in that vip crowd… Goodwood, Wimbledon then Wembley all on the same day :confused:

It's the season. You have to include royal Ascot and the regatta darling. 😀

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11 minutes ago, SwallowsHisOwnSpunk said:

I refuse to give Southgate credit for getting England to this point.

England have got the best International squad in world football after maybe France. It’s t he sheer quality of the England squad that has got them to this stage not some masterclass by Southgate. Southgate has made a number of mistakes.

Not saying Southgate should be sacked or anything but he’s not the reason they are in this position.

Steve Clarke with a better squad. Such a waste. 

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7 minutes ago, KaiserJon said:

Didn't say I agree just commuting what ze Germans are saying😀 As someone said earlier the standard of opinion on the TV coverage is nonsense whatever the country👍


No cunt is interested you dummkopf.

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