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The Euros

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3 minutes ago, SIRB_72 said:

Fantastic defending from Sweden. Rode their luck a little bit but had just as many clear cut chances as Spain over the 90: Isak, lustig falling over himself and Berg.

This. They defended well and could have had a couple of goals.

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1 hour ago, Lilac 3rd Kit said:

Tournament has been poor, only group winners qualifying would sort it. Absolute nonsense having some 3rd place teams going through, most of the group games are just pointless.

Only 6 teams get knocked out it's a joke

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3 hours ago, don logan said:

Imagine having to make the biggest team selection in 23 years for Scotland, at the Euros, and choosing the right back from Motherwell. Who chose to run his contract down with Kilmarnock to secure a better gig and only got a short term contract with Motherwell. Then after that contract elapsed, the only team offering him terms was Motherwell, who then finished the season bottom six in the SPL, below Livingston and St Johnstone. But you decide to pitch in the right back from Motherwell against the Czech Republic in Scotland's biggest game in decades when you have the brightest talent in  a generation at your disposal. Who has excelled, at 19, in the Europa League and the SPL. But you choose the unwanted Motherwell right back, who plays exactly like a Motherwell right back will play - passing back to his keeper rather than pushing forward and careering into his team mate as he bursts into the opposition box. Astonishing.

Oh him, the same Stephen O’Donnell who sat on the Sportscene sofa crying one weekend that Rangers being so far ahead of the Puddle Drinkers was not good for the league and he hoped they closed the gap.  Well that worked out well you utter shite football player - Scotland’s right-back, ha ha ha, Steve Clarke showing everyone that he is clueless old man - bye bye Scotland.

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Looking forward to tomorrow. Few of the neighbours talking about it etc. Got the beer ordered from the agent. Am free on Friday so next Germany game at our friends place with 8 others ( limit is ten ). Been to a friends in the past with about 40 of us and him setting up the huge projector screen with the BBQ in the go and the beer flowing but it is what it is.

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14 hours ago, Rangers_no1 said:

Only Alba would have a 'chance'... Pedri is so overhyped.

I think he played well last night. Probably the best I’ve seen him apart from early in the season when he was the best player on the pitch for Barca and Koeman took him off at half time to ‘protect him’. Can’t mind who it was against.

I think he has a lot of potential but he gets an easy ride because of his age in terms of the demands that should be on a midfielder at a club like Barca. He’s been very safe playing for them. If he was 21/22 you would be wanting him to be doing a lot more.

But last night he was wanting to get on the ball a lot and he was the one taking risks with his passing.

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17 hours ago, Prso's headband said:

Tarrier in Lustig stills rips out him. One of those foreign players that just bought into the victim mentality from day one. The cunts cunt. 

Gutted he left them and wasn’t part of last seasons squad of wasters . If anyone sums up the idea of an average player lording it over poor Rangers teams it was that wank. 

left at the first sign of Kent taking him to the cleaners every game. 

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48 minutes ago, CR3 said:

Apparently Alaba stopped Arnautovic being racist to Albanians with his celebration

v N Macedonia. 



What an idiot. Here was me saying the other night I quite liked him and all.

Shaqiri and Xhaka made tits of themselves goading the Serbs a couple of years back in the World Cup. I have no idea why these players can’t not put all this shite to one side, especially when they are representing Switzerland and Austria.

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