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The Spiteful Pygmy And The Bully

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7 hours ago, Bears r us said:

Outstanding and tells it exactly as it is, obviously it was written before he was moved to health, let that sink in, this halfwit is now in charge of Scotland's health. God help us. 

Dr Death, son of ! 

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I agree with the general message of the statement but likening Humza to a suicide bomber during what seems to be the most racially charged times in my lifetime is just giving the people who look to besmirch the reputation of our club and supporters a nice big stick to hit us with.

”Look John Paul, they think brown people are all suicide bombers”

We should atleast make it difficult for them as these are the things they grasp at and use against the club in the PR war. 


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The most depressing part is that people actually voted these cunts in again, and they need a local pantomine villain, since most of them have probably never set foot in England, anyone with a Union Flag is demonised to these small minded crackpots.

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