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Waiting on Humza Useless' Apology

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Well played UB. 

It’s an injustice that the cunt is in any form of employment. 

Someone in that clowns position even commenting on that video never mind demanding people get should get sacked, shows what kind of arseholes are running this country - no chance of an apology 

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7 minutes ago, BlueKnight87 said:

It's a scary thought if Scotland went independent and this lot were calling all the shots. 

Their party member's are a mixture of arrogance, pettiness and utter contempt for anyone that wants to remain part of the UK. 

If this lot ever get there wish for an independent scotland the country will be on it's knees within months with them at the helm. 

100% agree with that. 

We are currently being propped up by the UK government they profess to hate, thanks to the Barnett formula. 

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5 hours ago, Brackley said:

Was thinking earlier about this shift from sectarianism to anti Catholic and anti Irish and was wondering where anti Irish fits the agenda. 

References to the pope will no doubt come under anti Catholic but the  Fenian Brotherhood was not a Catholic organisation  and that's when the penny dropped. 

Shout FTP and you are done under anti Catholic. 

Shout Fenian Bassa and you are done under anti Irish bigotry.


All bases now covered and boxes ticked.

I imagine I'll be waiting a long time for the definition of anti Protestant bigotry

calling us 'H***' and 'orange bastards' isn't sectarian don't you know 

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3 hours ago, BLUEDIGNITY said:

A festering pus filled cyst of anti British/Rangers/anything British or Rangers tramp. Not fit for purpose, should be nowhere near politics in this country. Dangerously obsessed with Rangers.11628BE2-F78B-4DCA-881F-00171C75DF85.jpeg.30ff54d2583939663bc6730ef9421163.jpeg768F5E0F-124B-4AB7-9016-98D66197A323.thumb.png.02bc22d6951f635ba1bd2d2f99dd6f0b.png

dirty fenian scummy bastard.
mentioned last week that these cunts live in a green n grey hate filled republican shitehole.

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1 hour ago, miracle said:

Apparently we're suing Humza Useless?  :oldchap:

according to him striding about boasting and just being fuckin smug up to Saturday "I haven't been approached"
if the truth be told,a half dozen right and proper Rangers supporting plod should have been allowed to put his door in at 3.oo am this morning.
absolute horrible bastard. 

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