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Scotland at the euros?

Will you be supporting scotland at the euros?  

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7 minutes ago, McEwan's Lager said:

This is what I don't get. He basically plays a back three to fit Tierney and Robertson in the same side. WIth Tierney out, why doesn't he go to a back four? It makes no fucking sense.


Half time, you take Cooper off and place Gilmour in front of back four. Patterson to replace O’Donnell and you have a chance but this persistence with underachievers (Fraser/Forrest) and the exhausted (Christie/McGregor) is embarrassing.

Hell fucking mend him.


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Attacking changes? WIT?! 

Took off a forward player for forward player at HT.

Brought on a wide player for a wide player and a DM in McGregor.

Took off striker for striker with 10 minutes to go.

Where do people get this bollocks from?

Doing anything to praise the jakey ffs

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2 minutes ago, real boydie9 said:


Nice, to be honest it's probably going to be down to how many England want to score. They might just get 3 and fuck about. They do play slow as fuck at times England and if they're coasting might not want to make it embarrassing. -2 would be safer. What you thinking?:lol:

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