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Scotland at the euros?

Will you be supporting scotland at the euros?  

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  1. 1. Will you be supporting Scotland?

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1 hour ago, DBBTB said:

McGinn is quality :lol:


Not sure I agree.

Haven't seen a massive amount of him this season but looking on Villa forums (apart from a good few final games of the season) the general consensus seems to be he isn't good enough to start for them (and has been poor for over a season now) and they want better.

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4 hours ago, billythebear1986 said:

Literally depends how many celtic minded start, if it’s a 5 then il support them but if it’s 6 then it’s just too hard to ignore club loyalties. I am that petty! 

you will have in starting line up  marshall o donell hendry tierney mcginn mc gregor  and i suppose you could put robertson in that category   is that enough for you

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Last Scotland game I attended was v Spain at Hampdump in the 80s and the tickets were comps for the main stand ..think Kenny dugleash scored the winner.

My first was v N Ireland at Hampdump  1978 for a home international.

Any support I had for the national team lasted approximately 5 years as even at that young age I realised they are utter shite. 




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38 minutes ago, The Specky Liar said:

The Tartan Army clearly do hate us, but their would have been a video if that happened 100%

If Rangers still make up most of their fan base it would baffle me if that was really sang.

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59 minutes ago, ForeverAndEver said:

I’ll go with never happened

Back then, I went to loads of Scotland games. Never heard one song or chant about us and never got any kickback for being a Rangers supporter.

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Site will be emptied by 1 o’clock tomorrow, cunts all using the game as an excuse to go to the boozers. I’ll be staying at work. Fucking no interest it what will just be turned into a big nationalist agenda to push and gain support for their independence pish. SNP will be all over any success the team have. 

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On 12/06/2021 at 11:48, ForeverAndEver said:

I’ll go with never happened


I live in England and as much as my support for the Scottish football team has diminished, I've probably still watched every game they have played since about 1986 and would have been aware of it, the tranny army have definitely booed Rangers players tho, Ryan Jack at Pittodrie most recently. 

I can understand why Rangers fans are disillusioned with the National team, each to there own, me personally will still support them because my mates down here would give me stick regardless.

Will probably have a wee lump in my throat when Flower of Scotland belts out tbh

 it's been a long 23 year of having to put bets on a team just to have someone to support in a tournament

Mon the Scotland



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I don't mind if Rangers fans don't support Scotland whatsoever that's their own choice, it's this attitude of I'm a better fan than you cause you support Scotland that's absolute dogshit.

Not saying everyone is like that, but anyone who looks down on another Rangers fan for supporting their country is a moron.

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I try not to judge others, and I’m open to change, but I just don’t like the Scottish team, or the tartan army, or the manager, or the SFA. Maybe time will change that but to be honest as a Rangers supporter and what we’ve been through / the shit we take maybe not 

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