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Any Rangers friendly pubs in Banbury?

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1 hour ago, Bronzy said:

Judging by his username OP is far too young to be drinking in pubs

Username stands for Only One For Me. I’m actually 69. 

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1 hour ago, Drunk and disorderly. said:

Why can't people just enjoy matches without getting drunk?


Going to a pub to watch a game doesn’t necessarily mean I’m going to get drunk. 

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2 hours ago, .Williamson. said:

No. I don’t accept 

Youse cunts say faygs instead of fags and shayg instead of shag, mossis instead of missus and hondoootedly instead of undoubtedly so best you keep a low profile re language.

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5 hours ago, McEwan's Lager said:

10 mins up the road from me pal but I don’t know of any boozers in Banbury mate that are of our persuasion. Corby is a bit further out, well quite a bit further out. Get yourself down to the auctioneer for some food though, superb! 

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Auctioneers used to do 2 for 1 on steaks on a Wed night. I used to manage a team that was predominately from Banbury so when having team meets in that office, team meets and 1:1's were on a Wed and Thur so the others could go there.  Pizza Calzone just a few doors up is an excellent Italian, doesn't look much but food is top drawer.  Never seen anything Rangers orientated down there. 

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