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*****Rangers v Arsenal*****

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Roofes attitude has been good, if we could get an injury free season out of him he would be a massive player 

Bassey has been good but isn't starting before borna 

Tavs been 2019 Tav 

Helander before Balogun from now on 

We miss Alfredo massively

Lundstram is very promising 

Missing Kent's outball as when he gets the ball it gives players time to get into the attacking phase 

Auba is a donkey 

Weston's are great 






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1 minute ago, mitre_mouldmaster said:

Just review what you are saying again.

You were against renewing the contract of the guy who won 'player of the year'.

Definite mongo.

Aye cause football and extending contracts is all about who wins player of the year... The guy is well past his prime football wise and only going to regress with age whether you like it or not. 

The fact you throw about the word mongo to describe anyone nevermind fellow Rangers fans tells me all i need to know about you. 

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