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Champions***** V Real Madrid

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Great first half performance, regardless of the score.

Sakala looks like a really smart acquisition and I've been really impressed with his movement and link up play. Lundstram looks like he has the drive and power to do a real job in the middle for us. Scott Wright has been great as well.

Watching us actually play positive, passing football against Real Madrid (even in their weakened state) is just such a world away from when we were shitting the bed against the likes of Progres and Forfar. I don't think I'll ever take it for granted after the last decade. 

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1 minute ago, EMRFC said:

Hopefully we don’t make wholesale changes in the second half, should treat this like a proper game

Was about to say the same. Loving a lot of our play and stunned we're not ahead. C'mon Rangers, do them. 

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1 minute ago, bluenoz said:

That was excellent, can't believe we are losing.

Wouldn't change a think. Keep as is.

Hagi, Wrght, Lundstram, Kent to name but a few...

Will rightly see changes but we're ready for next week. 

We look like a champions league outfit so happy with the standards maintained 

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Loved the game so far. Just wished we could have seen Alfredo on and even more so with Sakala. 

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I’d rather not make loads of subs at half time this is our final pre season game and we need to keep building momentum and allow the first choice players to build chemistry and find a goal. It’s all very good dominating play but we need to add goals to that play again.

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Really good first half. That miss from Kent make me laugh. Wright, Hagi, Kent and Lundstram all played well. Sakala looks like he has a bit about him. In Europe especially with his pace could be good. 


Happy except for the score.

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Just now, Rangers_no1 said:

Someone said we would beat Malmo 20-2 on agg. Starting to believe him now.

If we play like this there’s no team out there I wouldn’t fancy our chances against. It’s their B team I know but that team is worth millions we could only dream of. It just shows if we play to our potential then we can give any cunt a game

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