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McGregor or McLaughlin


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  1. 1. What should we do about the GK position this season?

    • McGregor remains the keeper
    • McLaughlin becomes the keeper
    • Cycle both
    • Seek a new keeper immediately

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3 minutes ago, Brian Fantana said:

Might be McGregors last season unfortunately, should we now bed in McLaughlin or should we go out for a new keeper at the end of the next season or more immediately?

McGregor until his form starts to dip. Hopefully  that will be some time in about the year 2040.

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Only thing that lets him down is his distribution, which is awful. McLaughlin is a big improvement in that area but it's not enough for him to take the number one shirt.

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2 hours ago, Blacky Bear said:

Shagger, until he physically cant.

Thought McLaghlin looked solid, last and this Season already.

But there is no keeper on the British Isles who can do the unsavable like Greegs

Wouldn't go that far but I you're spot on with your general point on the difference between the two.

McLaughlin's as good as a number two as we could ever be expected to keep happy, but McGregor keeps us in/wins us matches in a way McLaughlin just could never do.

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