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The players will kneel before every game

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Dear season ticket holder,

The last 16 months have been difficult, right across the world. Every single person has been impacted, with some losing their very lives from Covid. We cannot forget that we must use this opportunity to create as much positivity and unity within our famous ground.

We brought home ‘55’ last season, in almost record time. However, there were some dark and difficult moments along the way. Sadly, at some stage during the season, every one of our BAME players received racist abuse online. That is a sad indictment on society and shows just how much work still needs to be done to eradicate it. Add in the fact one of our players received sickening racist abuse on the pitch. Racism is a problem in football, that is an inarguable fact.

As a team and as a club, we must not only stand up against racism, but fight against it- every single day. Whenever our players were abused last season, the way in which our fanbase stood behind us was nothing short of amazing.

Many people have given arguments for and against certain political organisations. Arguments against their actions, and what they purport to stand for. I’ve no interest in all that, neither do my teammates or coaching staff. We will take the knee to stand against racism, nothing more, and nothing less.

That is why we will take the knee prior to our games. This is a very simple, but we hope, effective gesture. It is a symbolic stance against racism, nothing more and nothing less.

At the start of each game this season, and throughout the 90 minutes, please show the world exactly why you are a special fan base. Support every player who is proud to wear the badge of the famous RFC.

We are as strong as strong can be.

I cannot wait to hear you roar from the stands of Ibrox Park. 

James Tavernier

Rangers Captain

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28 minutes ago, psb07158 said:

Dont make me give you a warning for bad language mate 😂😂😂. Tav is spot on in this and hopefully fans now realise why they are doing it. 

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Great letter from Tavs.

It shouldn't really be needed though.

As a support we stand by our own and have an unbridled no surrender attitude. We have always been that way and long may it last.

Our coloured players were an integral part of winning title 55 and have every right to stand against the shocking abuse they receive on social media.

Anyone who boos our players for not surrendering to racism is as cowardly as the social media scum who perpetuate  it. 

No surrender!


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