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v Malmo: Davis Goal

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We should have been far more direct  with shots on goal and runs through the middle all thought the game. The wide play and crossing was never working for us against a physically big and strong well organized defence.

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11 hours ago, Sunglasses Ron said:

All is forgiven for that chip into the box. Great goal

I love how he was guttered with that ball  really pissed then minutes later spanks one in. Great mental strength 💪

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The way that the Malmo players collapse tells you everything about the significance of that goal. We know it and they certainly know it. A right kick in the balls for them.

And Davis would never have shot, given the same position, had there been 10/15 minutes (or more) to play. He only shot because he knew it was nearly game over.

Madness. We don’t shoot nearly enough and it’s one of the few faults that Kamara has too.

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