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***** The Official Champions Vs Malmo Match Thread*****

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2 minutes ago, KaiserJon said:


What day does it get played in the week?

Fucking pop up now with that. Come on man it's terrible but don't go doing the I told you so stuff. I imagine the club's and pubs around the ground will be full of it. We have to blame Gerrard in this instance but his players have fucked up as well.

But I did tell you so. And that’s fine, nobody like a retrospective know it all but I was derided on here by Gerrard fanboys like RFC55, etc you know, the guys who really, really don’t know anything about football.

Gerrard as a manager is a myth. He won one trophy when our only rivals imploded and there was no pressure. 


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1 minute ago, Amato said:

The season is absolutely unraveling after a few games. Quite unbelievable. Time to mute WhatsApp and go into hiding for a few days. Thank fuck we have the league cup to get a win

Worried about Friday night now,too many not performing ffs

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All the goodwill from last season lost inside 3 games.  Sick of Gerrard suggesting some need a wake up call etc. timid shite been served up all season, 2 goals at end of Livi game flattered the scoreline after a turgid game. 

We should be firing now with the state of the mhanks in the first few games, now us that's up against it stumbling from shite to shite. 

Squad in dire need of freshening quality, this team is running on empty. 

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Just now, Nelson loyal said:

So disappointed with the players, especially our full backs, can't remember them beating a man or getting to the byline all night. Tonight ends the debate for me  about Aribo playing in the midfield 3, and also who our best defender is. Team needs a shake up badly, hope our manager has learned his lesson now and makes a few changes. 

Sadly I doubt he will have learned. 

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4 minutes ago, The Godfather said:

Players aren't fit. The coaching of them needs looked at. After half an hour we were fucked... Even against 10 we couldn't up the tempo. 

Weeks behind where we should be 

Agreed. Team doesn't look fit at all. Almost as if pre-season didn't happen. No pattern or fluency in play. Barisic, Tav, Arfield, Balogun, Kent waaaaaaayy off the pace. 

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Malmo deserved to win both games. Watching reminds me of the effort levels we have shown in past European games. Last ditch tackles and fighting for lost causes. This season could possibly a role reversal with one or two players with their eyes on the exit mixed with what looks like poor signings throw in the one season to many for the like os Defoe - 

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3 minutes ago, Jimbeamjunior said:

Need more players, unless we punt a fair few we'll be getting no one, this is an absolute financial disaster, 

we should not need new players to beat that shite. they were mince who outfought us. embarrassing.

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16 minutes ago, aird said:

Someone fancy teaching Tav how to beat the first man again. 

Can we not just drop him and give Patterson a chance?  Can't be any worse?  The same with Barisic and Bassey.  Also most of the midfield and Balogun need to go!

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