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***** The Official Champions Vs Malmo Match Thread*****

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Just now, Parma99 said:

The last Columbia game was 7th July, come on FFS. He was almost back in time, so why not just come a few days earlier? Its not like he played a huge amount. Anyway, we are out and Itten was the main striker in the first leg. 

I take it the fact he had to isolate was his fault too? 
the very fact he’s from Colombia and probably very rarely sees the majority of his family is even more reason to enjoy every last second

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Just now, Sunglasses Ron said:

Knew we were beat when I saw those godawful strips. But seriously, we have real problems. Apart from Morelos, who the hell would you give pass marks to? 

Anyone who shelled out hard-earned dosh to go witness that rubbish.

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Just now, beararse said:

We’ve lost as many games this week as we had all last season….

For some players they are tasting the reality of playing for a big club. Champions League, 50K fans etc. Its not for everyone, and now there is a light shining on the imposters. 

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5 minutes ago, sergi1980 said:

Bassey to left back, Helander to replace goldson,  patterson to right back.


if anything it’ll stop us relying solely on the full backs hitting crosses into the box from a standing position.

time and fucking time again they failed to hit the byline. Brutal.

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14 minutes ago, Rangers_no1 said:

Makes it FAR worse. 

Lose against a better side or a team who plays a blinder, fair enough, but to lose against a decent at best side who did nothing in both legs bar a 10 minute spell in the second halfs which were 4 goals due to horrific defending is unacceptable for Rangers standards.

you never seen my sarcasm

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4 minutes ago, RDB14 said:

Just seeing the goals again, Balogun is completely slack for both goals and not tight enough.  

The moves should have been stopped before Balogun fucked up. There were worse than him out there.

IMO we are not good enough at this level. They had everything that we didn't and they aren't so great shakes. We need the quality of player from the 9IAR years to do anything in the CL.

Alfie aside, I'd hardly give anyone pass marks. 

Maybe time to move on from some of our heroes from last season and you can start with Tav, Goldson and Barisic. That's four bad goals we've lost against this lot. They are not doing it so far for whatever reason, including domestically.

From back to front we are not slick enough, no cutting edge. Still ponderous and predictable with the square passing and wide ball out to Tav or Barisic. Not fucking hard to work out how to close all that down, but I doubt Steven would ever drop them. 

Gutted at another inept performance.


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Just drained by that one tbh tonight. Don't have much to say on it. In terms of things that shouldnt happen to a team it is that.

Our game last season was built on control and patience which was perfect for that second half and nothing. We were also superb between half time and around 60 minutes and we've managed to concede 5 goals in 3 games in those minutes.

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