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Malmö tickets and the farce that is the ticket office

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1 hour ago, LuxembourgBlue said:

I can’t speak for your parenting as you might like your kids exposed to that shit but I’m sure lots of parents that take their kids to Ibrox wouldn’t like that. But let me guess rather than a few people stopping using drugs in the toilets you’d probably suggest that families should stop going so they can continue doing it? 

Yes, urinal using scum 

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3 minutes ago, LuxembourgBlue said:

Actually I was.

I was in dear deidre when me and your missus were shagging and you didnae know. 


Savage mate. Should probably delete this due to his addiction we don't want him spiraling. 

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3 minutes ago, Monkey Butler said:

You moved to Luxembourg 3 years ago apparently, so what concern is this of yours?

What you talking about ya roaster? I’ll be attending games as much as I can when I can get over so it is my concern, plus my old man, my brothers and other family still go to Ibrox? What concern is it of yours what I comment on the ticket office?

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Just now, CR3 said:

Fake Luxemburg guy that gets news updates from Glasgow’s Southside on the ropes here. 

Well considering I was born and brought up in Glasgow it doesn’t seem that difficult to understand why I keep up with news from there? :lol:

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