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*****Official Champions v Dunfermline Match Thread*****

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Much more like us.

Tav and Borna should be made to fight to get their jerseys back.

Goldson had another poor game and I have seen nothing from Simpson to suggest he can make it with us. If our opponents weren't so poor we would have lost goals tonight.

Aribo, Kamara and Morelos must be retained to make sure of 56. 

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A good watch tonight and many positives. Showed the hunger from beginning to end. Some great plays tonight.

Bassey and Patterson starters from here on in without a shadow of a doubt. Fearless and so effective. Chuffed to fuck at Bassey getting MOTM. Well deserved.

Likewise with Hagi and Roofe.

Lundstrum not showed enough yet for me.

Big questions on Goldson. Gives me the fear.

Lots for the gaffer to digest.

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2 minutes ago, Clunge said:

Still don't know what Gerrard sees in Simpson, he is chronic. Would have Katic over him every day of the week.

Helander and Katic would be my current first picks. Goldson was abysmal again tonight, just this time against a team not good enough to punish us for his mistakes.

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1 minute ago, Drunk and disorderly. said:

5 nil but Roofe's second was a sitter.:craphead:

Ha! Yes!

Was thinking the penalty maybe wasn’t worth making a point of!👍

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2 minutes ago, Hadron Collider said:

Nice to hear big Calvin say he’s been talking to Borna and getting tips on crossing. Sure worked out tonight. 

Hopefully opened some floodgates for the lad!

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1 minute ago, They Gnu said:

Aribo was excellent and getting better when we don’t have the ball, tackling and closing down space.

Aribo does not tackle as much. More like he just nicks the ball and dances away with it. He is very good at that.

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