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Covid rumours - NOW CONFIRMED


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1 minute ago, Johnsey said:

If it was any other league match I wouldn't be too fussed given his form but he usually turns up against them. Plus his pace against that defence would have been massive.

Has he ever went into a Old Firm game on such shocking form? Wright has decent pace so the pace aspect shouldn't be a huge loss.

Rather have everyone available but I'm less worried about Kent missing than the likes of Morelos, Aribo or Kamara

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2 minutes ago, TartanTeddy said:

Hogarth is a keeper - saw him for the B Team, wasn't great.

But would be McCrorie if both first choice keepers are out - so less of an issue

👍 Knew it would be McCrorie , had visions of him getting injured with no reserve keeper on the bench , would be our luck at the moment.

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I'm not super clued on the rules but if that's the squad going into Sunday I'm not having panic stations assuming everyone stays covid free and fit. We've beat them, better versions too, under Gerrard with arguably worse.

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Just now, stevemac said:

thats the one. seems bizarre picking hogarth over him if the list is true, given one has played the mens game at a semi ok level (US Championship) 

He wouldn't be eligible with the homegrown rules. 

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So it'll be McAllister and Beale on the touchline then, under supervision from Murty if required.

Surprised they're not close contacts if Gerrard has it, though maybe he's just a close contact.

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