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***** The Official - Alashkert v The Champions Thread *****

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1 minute ago, IpswichGer said:

Yeah I get that mate. If they equalise I will be pretty unhappy but until then I am not about to tear in to them.

Them equalising can EASILY happen the way we are playing. Allan Simonsen was the coach for Faroe Islands in the 90s and he said that.. "Doesnt matter who you paly against, you will ALWAYS get a chance to score". He was right, of course. 

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Just now, johanhentze said:

We are playing some terrible football against a bottom 3 Armenian team.. we havent played well bar 1 game so far this season. If this isnt a worrying sign, then fair enough, mate. But it certainly is worrying for me. We have a huge game on sunday and if we play like we have been today, then we are in big trouble. 

Oh I agree. I am genuinely concerned about Sunday and have been prior to tonight.

Though I am hopeful the OF Game will give us a boost and gee up our players. If it doesn't happen then I have huge concerns.

I'm still not prepared to call them shite when they are doing what I want which is to qualify.

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2 minutes ago, johanhentze said:

This is it.. we seem disjointed and out of ideas. Im certainly not overly confident for sunday.


It's not our quality I'm doubting but just our performance and effort levels. We seem so far off the pace this season.


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