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*****The Official CHAMPIONS vs scum Thread*****

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Always tough to predict these games but can see it being frantic and end to end. Their front 3 doesn’t strike me as the type to track back and defend and that is in combination with 2 attack minded midfielders so imagine they will try and leave a number of players up the pitch. 

Need to press well and keep them under pressure in their own half, we won’t get away with soaking up pressure like in some of the games last year IMO.

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4 minutes ago, Rangers_no1 said:

Hes really not THAT fast and his pace on the turn is an issue. He was garbage playing RB against them last time.

My thoughts as well. He's pacey for a centre back and it comes in handy for recoveries but I don't think he'll be using it much going forward. 

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Just now, shotstopper said:

Game will be won in midfield. Can Davis last after midweek exertions in that heat?

I actually think the game will be won or lost on the flanks today.  We are weak there - Balogun is poor there and Barisic Is woeful out of form - and celtic are quite strong there.

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