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DR gunning for Heart and Hand


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14 minutes ago, esquire8 said:

Not too sure if all this happens without Graham though there were many gunning for Traynor.

George Square reaction, doctored videos being condemned by senior politicians, the hypocrisy in reporting fans behaviour at the weekend, this story...

It's all connected and it isn't because of David Graham. Waken up ffs. 

14 minutes ago, tm91 said:

Quite, but Graham is a big factor in this event in particular. Combine that with typical arrogance - the press hate that people like Edgar are getting access - and the club's media strategy generally (which was always going to cause a backlash) and the papers are particularly motivated here.

That said, I will repeat that we need to be more co-ordinated as a fanbase. The reason this attack is happening now is because it can piggyback off of the longer term, consistent efforts to attack the club. There are people in politics and the media who hate Rangers fans and will keep sticking the boot in whenever they can.

Spot on.

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1 minute ago, SkylineBlue said:

We'll need to shout twice as loud to cause half as much collateral damage. Starting with Natasha Meikle.

Burness Paull is absolutely full of them btw, I'd be shocked if they did anything but the police might 

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3 minutes ago, The Dude said:

What the fuck are you slavering on about?

Yer awfy excited ya mongo.


"DG is getting slaughtered in every press room in every ground in the country. This is all about taking him down"

Awww hahahaha am itk, a know what goes on in press rooms.

Who fucking cares ya galoot.


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1 minute ago, The Dude said:

Which bit is me being excited?

God forbid I pass on stuff I've seen and heard when it's relevant to the thread because it makes me appear "itk".

Seriously though mate, if you don't care don't read it or put me on ignore and then you don't have to see it.

Think I will but when people quote you, it's still visible 

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1 hour ago, eskbankloyal said:

He’s absolutely correct. They’ll have been sitting on this for ages and chosen now as the time to do maximum damage. It’s a fight between Rangers & Reach. And as I said yesterday, it’s going to get a lot worse if our club don’t sort themselves out. 

Also well timed with the paedos in court 

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