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DR gunning for Heart and Hand


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10 minutes ago, Dickie said:

And recording a crowd proves nothing,you could play a tape from a game years ago and say it was recorded today.

They dont need to prove shit. They are not looking to have charges pressed, they just want to splash us all over the front page in a petty attempt to get back at us for making them look like fools.

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14 hours ago, Bad Robot said:

there’s nothing worse than cunts who would have no career if they never hated us. They can’t get on with decency just hate and it tells you all about them 

The haters have always been around and always will be. I adopt the position of loving their hatred, knowing that we consume them. A particular favourite specimen of mine was the late and not so lamented Ian Archer, who more mature Bears may remember had a gig on Scotsport when his infrequent bouts of sobriety allowed. When he died, as I popped the champagne cork, I remember thinking to myself, I hope they bury the cunt so that I can dance on his grave.

We just have to accept that as long as we exist, the haters will come after us, we just have to learn to be ultra savvy in our words and deeds to limit the ammunition they have to use against us, and as recent events have proved, not to be shy when it comes to fighting fire with fire.

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13 minutes ago, Malkster said:

All quiet on the western (Reach PLC) front

how long do these inquiries take?



(if separate entity is anything to go by, then it might be some time?)

Where as Rangers are demanded to make statement's, start and finish that inquiry in the same day or face ridicule from every corner. Fuck them

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On 11/09/2021 at 09:59, Leftpegcoopz11 said:

Hes probably been "slapping" his punch bag about the last two days, letting out all his pent up hatred for our Club, the total fucking weapon that he is! :wanker:

Had actually forgot about this:lol:

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Wish I'd seen the "handbags" statement 5mins ago before I complained to the BBC about the latest tweet suggesting Rangers and Ranger supporters are worse than the historical tweets that have been surfacing in the past week.  I haven't tweeted once in my whole life, yet their historical meets don't counter balance me?

Jog on you moon howler. 

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