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DR gunning for Heart and Hand


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1 minute ago, mitre_mouldmaster said:

Gives them a bigger platform and makes them more relevant.

Also means that the more people that join, the less likely they will need to go to the record for news and discussions on Rangers.

They’re pretty relevant there today 

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It’s amazing when Rangers are on top and winning .

The papers come after the supporters for everything as have no access to our club and player’s long may that continue.

I have never  seen that happening with all the stuff getting covered up from the club from the East.

I hope the guys will return eventually to H@H as why should it be front page over a podcast 🤷‍♀️

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2 minutes ago, Blue Nosed Babe said:

So she is allowed to keep her job despite her vile tweets yet when I rightly called out the Scottish Ministers on disability discrimination in the PFs, I get blacklisted!

Tells you all about how rotten this country has become.

Has a statement been made on this?

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