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DR gunning for Heart and Hand


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3 hours ago, Ger_onimo said:

Poor Gaby, bet he could barely contain his excitement when he first saw that front page, overcome with joy at the thought of some “H***” having their lives ruined. Now look what’s happened ☹️

Could imagine the two of them having a wee chuckle before it’s printed and wee Gaby buzzing to read it, now he’s collateral damage😂

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1 minute ago, KingKirk said:

Mate u must've had contact with one or two journalists over the weekend. What do they think of this situation? 

Its a bit of a weird one. Some find it absolutely hilarious that it's turned into a big game of tit-for-tat. Older ones all a bit more on their high horse but the younger ones having a good laugh. Nobody really thinks anything will ultimately happen beyond some slapped wrists though - new social rules and losts of cleaning up of old tweets.

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6 minutes ago, KingKirk said:

I wonder can Edgar get a whistle blower from the record that would be game changing. 

I do note that he's no drip feed anything out today clearly he takes Sundays off😂 or maybe he ain't up yet 

Maybe having to file it all in alphabetical order 

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2 hours ago, RaoulDuke66 said:

FYI - I live in Australia and it's massively common for non-Catholics to send their kids to Catholic schools, as they're essentially ultra-cheap private schools. And they create no sectarian problem here. 

Not sure about that pal, my kids go to Presbyterian boys private school and CoE girls private school here in Aus and plenty of chat amongst the parents about the "rock choppers" and their "molesting priests". Pretty straight up Aussies too with with no direct connection to NI or Scotland. 

Agree there is no sectarian problem at all in the community at large but there is a definite us and them mentality amongst the private school scene. 

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