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Time to make the entire forum members only.


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12 minutes ago, DennyBlueNose said:

Not really fair tbh, I have read Bears Den for about 10 years but don't often get involved. I'm the same on Facebook, fire out a wee like here and there but post very rarely. 

Besides anyone can create and email and account in minutes so don't know what you're trying to achieve. 

That's why I'm saying close to new members.

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1 hour ago, Creampuff said:

Forum wouldn’t be viable without that traffic.

The forum doesn't run on thin air. There are costs.

As much as I'd like the forum to be members only it isn't difficult for someone to sign up anyhow. BP9 for example :ang:

There is no easy answer.

I do appreciate all the hard work admin put in btw. Must be a nightmare reading through thousands of drunken posts of a weekend trying to make sense of them. :lol:



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Admin are a disgrace tbh, will be asking us all for vaccination passports to continue posting no doubt.


Everyone has to agree to some new "Everyone, Anyone" terms and conditions that make Apple product T&C's look like a leaflet.

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