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***** The Official Champions vs St. Johnstone Sat 11th Sept 2021*****


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crocker n walker are a pair of cunts.
sorry for the bad sweary words.
Why did he not apologise for them being total shite football players.
shaun fuckin rooney :mutley:
ugly batsards are really hard to watch.

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1 minute ago, bluenoz said:

That was a massive win! I'm fucking stoked.

Shout out to John Lundstarm. I've been harsh on him but he did really well.

Not sure if it was mentioned during the game but the linesman on the far side was dodgy as fuck.


Last two massive wins mate and we haven’t hit our form yet.

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Just now, BlueThunder said:

Yeah - the guy who made Tav move the ball and gave Saints a goal kick and not is a corner when Lundstram was on the deck.

Yes those two decisions and couldn't wait to put his flag up on Sakala as well.

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8 minutes ago, TEFTONG said:

I'm obviously a masochist as I was looking forward to today's game and now I feel totally fucked. 

Emotional roller-coaster. From Boredom to Anger to Sheer Joy, Worry and now Relief at 3 hard fought points. 

Thanks Rangers. 



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Just now, Mondraker said:

Good come back but we need to sort out our shit starts.

Everything we do just seems a struggle and our players are better than that.

Agreed, too many games like this and we will drop a few points over the season. 

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5 minutes ago, the brown brogue said:

That was a tough slog today, they're a horrible side to play against, big physical cloggers with very little footballing ability. I don't think there's another top league in Europe where the likes of Rooney and Kane could make a living. Also can't be many games where the team with 70% possession has more fouls given against them than the cart horses playing kick and rush football... 

Never seen a side that gets away wi so many pushes in the backs of their opponents.

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