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26 minutes ago, Bad Robot said:

I hope it’s a Bear who done the photoshop for a noise up and not a shettleson to try get pressure on the refs  

So do I, however given the recent habit that has developed of fabricating "evidence" against Rangers players and supporters, my money would be on the second option.

Edit. On thinking about it, perhaps it is a Bear  was responsible looking for bites? Given the mentality of many amongst that mhob I am sure that there will be plenty of Them who will believe  that a referee will run around grinning like a cheshire cat when covered by dozens of cameras , after Rangers score, as reality.

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Alfie will be fine, delighted he got his 100th. Failed to score in the league between September and the end of December last season. He also scored 3 by this point last season as well.

When Roofe got injured and he went up top himself and he went back to his best in terms of goal scoring. Pittodrie and Easter Road were stand outs. He got that stupid retrospective ban which we all know what that was about. He came back in and was flying while Roofe got his own stupid retrospective ban. 

Sometimes what he tries when he comes deeper doesn't work but he does distract defenders, same goes for Kent. The type of players that teams know if they dont cover well enough can hurt them on their own. This issue for the opposition is if they cover then with two, sometimes three players, it will leave room for the likes of Roofe, Hagi, Aribo etc. to do damage.

He can be frustrating as fuck at times, he always has been, red cards in the past or stupid misses. He's also known to turn it off completely when he wants, the difference is now we can use him as this huge distraction who is still extremely dangerous in the box, as seen yesterday, but not be overly reliant on him like we were up until the spring of 2020.

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3 hours ago, LochendBilly said:

He did it to wind up the taigs and get them paranoid about refs...It worked.

You mean like they were not already, daft pictures like this end us as facts in years to come you just have to see the Papac picture for that.

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4 minutes ago, DBBTB said:

I’ll tell you something else I don’t get this constant “he’s no good enough to play in the Premier Legaue” patter that  some people use as if it’s some sort of valid criticism of him.

Yeah, he maybe has ambitions to go to that league, but which player doesn’t these days. At the end of the day who gives us a fuck if he’s good enough to play at that level or no?

He’s more than good enough to play for us, and if that’s his level, then so be it. In 20 years nobody is going to look back at his record and go aye but he wasn’t good enough to play in England are they?

Agreed bud.

Over the years I've heard a few people bumping their gums about how few goals McCoist scored for Sunderland.

I always reply with "luckily I don't fucking support Sunderland, I support Rangers".


Wee Alfredo is definitely more than good enough to play for us.

I'm not particularly bothered wether he'd score a shit load in the epl or not as I couldn't give any less of a fuck about that league.

I care about how many goals/assists he gets in a Rangers jersey. That's it.

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