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*****The Official Champions vs Olympique Lyonnais Match Thread*****


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3 minutes ago, BigBearButt said:

He shouldnt be playing period. We have better options than a kent who looks like he cant be fucked. Ive no idea if he has taken the hump because he didn't get a move but his general attitude and performances have not been good this season. 

I thought that myself the other week, I wondered if Leeds or someone tabled a bid and he wanted to go but we told them to bolt. 

I based that on absolutely heehaw tbf.  

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Just now, The Godfather said:

Lundstram has been nowhere as bad as folk are making out 

He hasnt been that good either. I just dont think we have the right balance in midfield. We have very little in terms of creativity. Kamara should be first name on the teamsheet and then others around him to compliment his game. 

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BT doing my head in both with the commentary and the lowering of the crowd volume when songs are being sung. Noticeable as fuck when the crowd volume randomly goes down (and up btw) during a song.

Also think they've got the fake crowd noise from last season when there were no crowds. I could be wrong but listen to the crowd reaction at times which doesn't seem to fit.


That should be 1-1 btw.

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