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Lundstram must start

five stars

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3 minutes ago, Prso's headband said:

Great second half, thankfully starting to look like a footballer after a horrific start. 

Hopefully he’s starting to learn we have about 80% of the ball instead of fighting for his life in a relegation battle. 

Broke up play really well second half and made the second goal with his pressing

I think there's potentially a decent player in there but needs to play centre mid.

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Clearly not suited in the same midfield as Davis 

I thought he was decent enough in the first half and a good bit better in the second half

I like the fact he can get his body in front of his man to win the ball back....a good couple of 40-60 challenges won aswell.....starting to look better but still won't get carried away

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7 minutes ago, bluenoz said:

He did play well in the second half but still not convinced he makes my starting 11 yet.

It's either him or Davis but not both and I think Davis is still the better player.


This is how I feel. Can't have both in the same team. 

Lundstram is better in DM but unfortunately for him Davis is still better and ahead of him in that role.

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49 minutes ago, Swagger said:

Not convinced. His severe lack of pace will see him struggle against better players. Stick on for a couple more red cards too

Not seeing this "severe lack of pace". That's not me saying he's quick BTW, just not any slower than the average player. Put it this way, I don't think he'd be last in a sprint between him and the rest of the midfielders including Davis.

Thought he played well tonight and showed some promise that he can be a player for us going forward as long as we recognise his role on the park isn't to be one of our more creative players.

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