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1 hour ago, BlueThunder said:

He was awful in terms of finishing but we can’t take a single game in isolation. If Defoe had done the same people would be asking why we played Defoe, that he was finished etc.

Hopefully this problem up front will end soon - we seem to create enough decent chances but want to score “ the perfect goal” as Kevin T put it.

Thing is Defoe wouldn't have done the same.  Sakala also had a fair few chances to shoot and didn't, Defoe would have. 

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2 hours ago, Boybluesy said:

Roofe was awful yesterday.  No way Defoe wouldn't have scored, we had numerous chances. 

It's all ifs and buts. With the chances we created in the 1st half, I think Defoe would have taken one of them. 2nd half service to the fwds not so sure. 

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1 hour ago, Marco said:

He's been presented with a great opportunity and so far he's not even hit the level where you'd be comfortable with him as a back up. Worst part is he just looked scared at times.

He wont improve. He has nothing in his armoury that suggests he will. 

Katic isn't better than Helander or Goldson. He may be as good as Balogun, but he is streets ahead of Simpson. 

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1 minute ago, DiamondDan said:

I don't get that at all. This seems a lazy stereotype that's applied to anyone who comes up here from England and struggles. Typical chip on the shoulder Scottish mentality.

Deffo appeared to be the case with Joey Barton but its been getting trotted out with Lundstram after a couple of games and now Simpson. 

Nothing about him suggests confidence, never mind OVERconfidence...

When I see someone being lackadaisical at the back and not getting stuck in as much as they could that makes me think they are complacent about the job in hand. I could be wrong but it's just how I see it. 

Lack of consistent game time is probably a factor but in the games he has played there's too many errors and bad decisions made by him on the park

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Hasn’t looked very good at any point since he signed.

Yesterday twice he got done - Punt up the park early in the 1st half when he ended up the wrong side as the ball flew over his head and only Goldson getting back as Watt rounded McGregor spared us and secondly he was pathetic at the goal - Worst case he should have wiped the guy out just outside the box and taken the risk of the red card - He did nothing except shrink and let the guy through, From my view in the Broomloan I couldn’t believe Barisic never got a block in either.

Simpson is our worst CB and if we can recall Katic we should and rotate him with Balogun until Helander is fit 


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1 hour ago, falkirkNS said:

the recruitment from January has to be questioned, only wright has offered anything near the quality needed but at that is only a prospect himself.

I think we put all of our cards on the table last Summer when we signed Hagi, Roofe and Itten despite us already being what, 15-17 million, in debt?

We have unquestionably been rooting in the bargain bin ever since and the result of that is us looking like quite a tired team that, in hindsight, desperately needed freshened up with a couple of new signings this Summer, even if that meant cashing in and letting one or two of our higher profile players move first.

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On 20/09/2021 at 19:24, Dickie said:

I don’t think he is complacent he is just not very good. Watch the Motherwell goal back again and Simpson pulls out of tackle,even flattening the guy would have been better than doing nothing.

He was about 15 yards away from Goldson as well. If he closes that space even a little he's perfectly in place to make that tackle. 

Never going to cut it. Hopeless. 

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