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1 hour ago, GaryMc said:

Knowing someone who is a close friend of his we still know it's a few weeks before he's ready.

Saying that though I'd honestly take a 50% Ryan Jack over pretty much 100% of the rest of the CMs we have.

Jack has been out for reasons other than the calf issue he had which initially ruled him out.

When he's ready he's ready.

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6 hours ago, bluenoz said:

Two instagram posts in a few days can only be seen as a positive.

A little mud on his boots for subliminal effect 😀

Yeah, he dropped them when he fell. Out till Christmas, not sure which one.

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6 hours ago, Swagger said:

Yep and another good option. Helander and Kent back too hopefully because Nov, Dec is looking tough fixtures wise 

Unfortunately, Helander will be out for a while.
Massive blow for us.

Kent definitely a boost though.

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4 minutes ago, Rangers_no1 said:

Gerrard said maybe be back around Aberdeen, if not just after.

Must have picked him up wrong, I thought he said the Brondby game was too soon but Sunday he may feature, probably best not to rush him especially with it being a hamstring injury 

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1 hour ago, SwallowsHisOwnSpunk said:

People deluding themselves if they think we are gonna see Ryan Jack come back and find his top form. We may potentially at see it towards the end of the season but it’s not a given.

Jack is an odd one, seems to always have come in and out without much drop off in performance. Will take time to get back to fitness again, but I’m sure he’s not just been sitting on the PS5 for 9 months. 

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