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*****Official Dundee v Champions Match Thread*****


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Just now, TEFTONG said:

We are far too slow for my liking and Goldson seems well off today. Bombscare. 

Last season was the freak from Goldson. He was a bombscare before then and is now back to his normal poor standard.

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Why won't Gerrard make subs? I've only watched second half but judging from comments we've been pretty poor and has looked like we could use fresh legs. 

Always bothered me that he never tries to be proactive and change a game unless he's forced into no matter how shite we are. 

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Just now, esquire8 said:

Goldson moaning at everyone else when its upto him to deal with that situation. Fucking shambolic from him again.

that was like the last game or the game before, davis i think passed to goldson who made a slack pass to shagger who had to kick out for a throw in and goldson was having a go at tav

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2 minutes ago, Valance1690 said:

Another horrific performance

Goldson, Kamara, Lundstrum...players on big money and players who have asked for more money...turn out the worst on the pitch 

If we don't sort the midfield problem we'll lose more games this season

Add the defensive problem to that also…

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We talk about the issue of playing packed defences but we really struggle against organised sides who get in our faces in these sort of games against smaller sides away. Same as Hamilton last year. We don't like being pressed high up the pitch.

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