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*****Official Dundee v Champions Match Thread*****


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1 minute ago, esquire8 said:

Running down the clock 1 nil up against Dun fucking dee. 

How the mightt have fallen.

As long as it finishes 0-1 im fine with it. Across the city we have a team going 150% all games and they are littered with injuries and fatigue already. I know what I prefer.. its a long season.

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2 minutes ago, Hamie said:

This is fucking deplorable. We are an absolute shadow of last season. Every time I tune in: thinking today's the day we kick on show why we are champions only to let down. 


I can’t see us improving this side of Christmas to be honest. We need a break and we need fresh blood.

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Just now, Drumloyal said:

Yellows for us for kicking the ball away, nothing for their 2 or 3 horrific straight leg tackles. 


i've always said you can pretty much get away with a leg breaker in scotland but when it comes to a tug in the middle of the park........nope.

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2 minutes ago, Valance1690 said:

Think the whole midfield, like every game this season, has been fucking shite 

Davis it the only midfielder I'd give pass marks to over the course of the season but the rest (Aribo when played in the 3, Kamara, Lundstrum) have been our biggest problems all season

We're getting overrun, bullied and teams are just running at the CBs which is exposing their weaknesses, none done it better than O'Hallaoran a few weeks ago tearing Healander apart 

Whilst I agree 100% the midfield has been the crux of our problems this year, your rating of Lundstram today is very, very harsh.

He had a very poor start to his Rangers career, I was at the game against Alashkert and gave him pelters for that, but he has been looking more comfortable over the past couple of games - Livingston and today (can’t remember past that). Progress is progress but no progress yet from Aribo & Kamara in the middle of the park this season. It’s a real problem for us this season and we need confidence in that area quickly. That being said, I think all over the park we have been poor this season and too many of our big players haven’t been firing.

John Lundstram man of the match.

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