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*****Official Sparta Prague v Champions Match Thread*****


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4 minutes ago, Moody Blue said:

My patience is wearing thin with Gerrard just now, not a clue how to sort this shambles out. It’s so much like Q1 in 2020. 

Me too, absolutely no idea what his plan for this season is, apart from rebeling against what every cunt can see with their own eyes.

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1 minute ago, Johnsey said:

We are genuinely going to get tanked by somebody soon. We give up so many chances and can't create any of our own. 

Beale is supposed to be the tactical guru, is he not suggesting new things? Or is it just keep doing the same shit that hasn't looked good once this season. 


Lyon away will be fun.

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Why we no playing a centre half at CB?

If that young boy is there he should play

Hagi was lucky bassey was so bad, cause he was awful.


No player on the post?  Weve done that since Gerrard came in, why did we change?

Shagger still the best about 



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Just now, MarzM said:

If our defence is like that Sunday, Hibs will fucking ruin us! 

Well it won’t be because Goldson will be playing for a start and because despite how shit Prague are they’re better than hibs

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Oh well, overall probably a 50-50 match. But we are not very good this season, that's evident. Still, beat Bronby twice and Lyon win twice against they cunts and we can seal qualification by beating them at Ibrox. Stay positive, Bears. 

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1 minute ago, Albertzz said:

dirty racist fucking wankers lets gove them hell at ibrox, not a fuckin chance should we let them away with anything. as a support we rally on the return. 

Hopefully we get a settled team at Ibrox, score a few goals plus we’ll have the fans doing their bit

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Just now, Ger_onimo said:

I’ve no doubt we’d have at least drawn if Goldson and Helander were fit. Completely lost our shape without them 

We need to score. Doesn't matter who's out in defence you need to be able to trouble them at the other end. No excuse for that no happening other than a management team not changing things that worked last season which don't anymore.

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3 minutes ago, sassaaaa said:

Fuckin shocking that any of this countries teams are allowed in any tournaments. Ten thousand kids booing black players tells everybody they will never change. UEFA are a disgrace giving them the token slap on the wrist , a blanket ban is needed.......

They are effectively enabling and encouraging this behaviour by not banning them. 

Disgraceful from them. Scum.

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