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Bad Robot

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1 hour ago, Bad Robot said:

The paper copy has the two qr codes which are related to the dates and vaccination centres where the vaccines were administered 

Depends where from, I work in Denmark they don’t have the QR codes on the ones some of the guys have here, also I’ve got pals in England who have the paper version and it doesn’t have a QR code

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1 hour ago, Dave Whelan said:

Rangers should be fighting it, just like the nightclub industry are doing. It’s pathetic from the club. They are in bed with the SNP


convice me why any football club should pay lawyers fighting this, and in the end most probably take whatever fine governments see fit to dish out, just to appease you, and other shitebags like you?

if you have genuine reasons for medically not getting it, you’d be exempt. If not exempt accept the law or fight it yourself, don’t expect the football club you support to fight your personal opinion battles for you, you might think the club should do that, but I also support the club and I don’t want them to get involved at all, and the majority attending ibrox probably think the same, there is better things to frow money at when your running a football club, like continuing to trample all over the tarriers whenever we play them, just my opinion of course.

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5 minutes ago, STEPPS BOY said:

After much thinking, i’ve decided to boycott Thursdays game in Prague to show how unhappy i am with Clubs decision regarding this.

Hopefully Lundstrum does the same!












* This comment would have been hilarious two weeks ago.

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