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Can someone explain this

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1 hour ago, Nk89 said:

Is this not a league table showing how poor they have been?

It saying they should be on 16pts! Based on there fixtures? Not based on how the games as in they were just unlucky?

Aye, I thought it was something similar to US sports where they rank teams based on their record but adjusted for the difficulty of the teams they've played. But this one is supposedly calculated based on the chances teams have created/conceded.

Obviously it's being used by their fans to say that they've been unlucky and once they start taking chances they're winning the league...with Hibs in second. Pretty cruel to give them hope like that. :violin:

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So theoretically they got Terry Munro coz it’s based on stats and played over 100,000 theoretical games.

What these things are handy for are current form and xG goals in betting. This is PlayStation mentality, I’ve actually sat in front of trumpets who compared electronic players with reality actual fckin nonsense.

What they will point to is we read the data and this should have happened, it’s not our fault players miss chances, goalies are pish, guys go to Italy for a night out, full blown international centre halves with a vague supposed familial connection are mince, the managers a booze hound & the main striker is hunting through second day bakers & school year books online for a lumber. 


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I remember the hard luck stories under Warburton, another man with no plan B, I even got caught up in it myself looking at stats instead of the result, thinking how did we lose that? how did we draw that? 25 shots to their 4, the football philosophy was decent to watch but the reality was that we just weren’t good enough at finishing games off and taking chances, and at the end of the day you win fuck all unless you WIN games, pretty simple! 

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Expected goals (or xG) measures the quality of a chance by calculating the likelihood that it will be scored from a particular position on the pitch during a particular phase of play. This value is based on several factors from before the shot was taken. xG is measured on a scale between zero and one, where zero represents a chance that is impossible to score and one represents a chance that a player would be expected to score every single time.

Some saddo has worked out how the league table might look based on above criteria.


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There’s a group of people that love talking what ifs instead of reality. We’ve seen it in all the recent referenda also. What if these votes counted? What if the voting system was like this then clearly the result would be different so it’s invalid and we need to do it again. Clearly celtic hit the bar 3 times at the weekend so they didn’t really lose the game as they were close enough to be actual goals. Statistics are useful but they can’t replace reality. We are champions and we are top. Hopefully it stays that way. 

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