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Michael Stewart at it again


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1 minute ago, trueblue 64 said:

Offended by words is understandable, offended by an innocent tune shows who the bigots really are.

Tunes could matter too depending on their history. This one we've been innocently singing to the lyrics of 4 lads had a dream for countless years. If Stewart et al didn't know that, they should apologise and move on. If they don't and double down, it's obviously an agenda. Think I know what will happen 

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See this is the fkn problem of our support whilst the cunts in the east end are singing their ira shite in Europe no one from our support gives a fuck, where it should have been recorded and posted all over social media until it went viral and the media and uefa pick it up.

We then have all the usual suspects commenting on a fkn tune.

I’m convinced MS is doing all this as the weird cunt is wanting assaulted from a bear and to tell you the truth I hope some bear doesn’t assault him as the bear will probably be smart and masked up but hopefully he doesn’t leaves him a proper permanent injury that he’ll never work in tv again.

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3 minutes ago, cr3_bear said:

“I do not care that Rangers think they are 150 years old “

yes she does. She cares a great deal and that is really what this all boils down to . They wanted us dead and it never happened so they have spent the last 24 hours gnashing their teeth at a positive Rangers story about our long and successful history and came up with this pish :lol:

Pandering, ye say?

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This song was originally a 19th century sea shanty from the Bahamas popularised by the Beach Boys in the 60's. 4 lads had a dream retains the tune but changes the lyrics to celebrate the Gallant Pioneers.

A more harmless song you could not imagine. Pleased to see that in response the club have added the video to their twitter.

Fuck them has to be the cry.

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