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*****The official Rangers vs sheep thread*****


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Just now, Jimbeamjunior said:

Remember when pedro got dogs abuse because our home record against the sheep was broken, since then gerrard has lost twice and looks like a 3rd time tonight

3 times in 4 years they will have beaten us at ibrox, that is an absolute shocker

I used to be able to say they hadn’t beat us at Ibrox in my life time 

Gerrards record against them is minging 

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1 minute ago, BigBearButt said:

I said at the start of the season we needed an overhaul and was lambasted for it. All the older players like arfield, defoe and davis should have been released and the ones who didnt sign new deals sold like kamara and goldson. Cash in on tav and then bring in quality. 

Instead we bought in dross and frees. Put out two decent players on loan who hadnt had much of a chance in the first team and replaced them with utter dross. 

We look like a team coached to play a certain way but dont have players good enough to actually carry it out. Thats on the manager and coaching staff. 

No cash for that unfortunately mate 

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1 minute ago, The Godfather said:

We need a squad overhaul, these guys have had their day... Don't want it anymore. 

I think a few of them hung around thinking they'd be playing in the champions league and putting themselves in the shop window. Once they fucked that it was too late to engineer a move away so we're stuck with their half arsed efforts every week now. 

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Just now, don logan said:

Who hasn't been atrocious?

You want your captain to stand up and be counted here, you want him to grab the team by the neck and drag them kicking and screaming to a result

Instead we have a guy who states we are afraid of playing in front of crowds

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