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*****The official Rangers vs sheep thread*****


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2 minutes ago, tm91 said:

We could have been out of sight in this season. We're now in a title race where we have absolutely no fucking momentum whatsoever.

There is a serious problem and Gerrard needs to fix it.


Could swear I've read this every week for what seems like 2 months

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3 minutes ago, esquire8 said:

6 point gap down to 2 in a couple of weeks. 

Cracks papered over beginning to show again.

Team stagnant and regressed.

Miracle if we win the league playing like this.

Almost November and we haven't shown up in one game. One single 90 minutes.

I don't care how much I'll get slated for this but on form and momentum the scum are favourites now for this league. We are regressing game by game just like they did last season and they also have money to spend in January. We are a pumping away from a meltdown.

We are truly fucking this season and Gerrard won't see it out if he can't figure out how to change our form.



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We are fucking stinking, the board better find some money for January as we are winning fuck all with this team if that means selling a couple then so be it. Something needs to give here.

Gerrard needs to man up and fucking tell them free transfers wont win us league titles.

Utter shambles

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Just now, graeme_4 said:

I’m at the point where I can’t actually see us winning this league. We’re awful. 

Unless Kent and Jack come back the players of last season and Hellander is back in the defence we don't have a hope in fuck.

No creativity from midfield, strikers are not making chances for themselves and defence is a shambles. 

It's them last season, the implosion is ridiculous and the manager refuses to see it. 

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That lot should hang their heads in fucking shame tonight.  I'm disgusted by them but not surprised given what we've seen all season.

Gerrard doesn't have a fucking clue how to sort this, perhaps they need a zoom call or cases to spike and we go into a lockdown.  Embarrassing.

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