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RIP Sir Walter

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Never been so gutted over the death of someone i'd never even met. I'm 41, i had the privilege of growing up watching Souness + Walter cement our team as the best in Scotland - getting to see players like Laudrup and Gazza tearing teams apart week after week are my greatest memories in football.

Then, as Scotland manager he played a masterstroke in bringing Tommy Burns into the fold which really brought our nation together at the time, have really fond memories of that spell even although we never managed to qualify.......... just read he took us up 70 places in the world rankings during his time in charge!

Then, of course, he came home, and yet again took us back to the top of Scottish football - i think that second spell in charge was even better than the first as he never had the resources second time around yet still managed to do a 3-in-a-row.

What a manager, what a man.

Like everyone else i'm absolutely distraught today - his management gave me some of the happiest moments of my life and i'll cherish those memories until the day i die. RIP Sir Walter.

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I called out of work for tonight.They asked me why and I told them a family member passed away as that is truly what it feels like.

I hate so so much that I never got to meet this man in person and am jealous for those that did.

As I said earlier in the thread he was like a father figure to me just by how he viewed life,and how he was a role model in that same vein.

Everyone will be upset over this for a long time but I know we will all stick together,virtual or however we need to,and get through it as Walter would want us too.

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13 minutes ago, Siam69 said:

Of you weren't already, Ally's tribute to Walter on Talk Sport will have you reaching for the tissues  😢 

Could hear him nearly go himself a couple of times, don’t know how he managed not to. Must’ve been hard as fuck to do

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