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RIP Sir Walter

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28 minutes ago, psb07158 said:

I'm taking down my scarf from the UEFA Cup Final tonight to tie it up at the gates. I'm not even sure why I've held on to it for so long given we lost the game and it was a horrible night / drive back home after it, but it feels like it's the right thing to do


My 9 in a row scarf (it also went to Manchester) is going on the gates as well.

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2 hours ago, TEFTONG said:

Don't know if this has been posted elsewhere but a good mate sent me it and it made me smile. 

So many tears shed since yesterday morning and they still keep coming. Walter gave me so many amazing memories and good times. This reminds me how he could command a room and just leave you wanting to listen to him talk all night. 

Who was he talking about mate?

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Was gutted yesterday upon the news. Some of the best days of my life was going to games when we were under Walters guidance. 

Met him a couple of times at a hotel I used to work in when I was younger and he was always happy to speak even though we were told not to. Got my uefa cup final programme signed off him at his nephews wedding and at the end if the night he was up on the stage singing and I'm pretty sure doing a wee bouncy. 

Class man and we've lost a Rangers icon. Seen a clip earlier if him and Jardine when we won the league and its sad they two guardians of the club are gone. RIP sir Walter. 

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Like everyone else, I've spent the last 36hrs or so going in and out of many emotions. 

'87 was my first proper memory of being a Ranger, my first full kit, my first game with Walter playing such an huge part in my footballing youth with wonderful memories.

I really hope we can give the great man a result tonight and sing his name loud and proud.

RIP Sir Walter.

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2 hours ago, BridgeIsBlue said:

Work was a struggle last night just replaying all the memories over in my head from his 2nd spell, was only 6 years old when we clinched 9IAR so it wasn't my time but I'd grown up listening to stories about that side from my dad, watched all the videos etc so when it was announced that he was returning to Rangers it was like this colossus of a man was coming back to really sort the club out considering the bad spell we were going through at that time. 

Been said many times in this thread already but 07-11 was a really special period in our clubs history imo, for that man to walk through those doors again and achieve what he did considering the strains that were on the club at the time was nothing short of unbelievable, the one game that really summed it all up was the cup final v St Mirren,to drag us through kicking and screaming with 9 men to win it was incredible. 

He'll always be the Rangers manager for me and has earned a special place in our clubs long and illustrious history, thanks for the memories Walter 💙


Similar story here. Was too young to remember his first time with us. Must’ve been 6 too when we got 9IAR. My dad sat me down to watch all our games as a kid but I couldn’t appreciate it. The Rangers I fell in love was under advocaat. My dad told me all about what happened under Walter and a lot of stuff from the late 60s to 80s. 

when Walter came back my dad was almost in tears. Like you say we were under strain so I imagine to have Walter back there would’ve been a sense of comfort and a feeling of excitement cause I mind my dad saying with Walter in charge he felt like we could take on the world. I don’t need to tell anyone here what he achieved but my dad was right. He couldn’t believe that he was getting to see Rangers in a European final again. He was only 9 when we won in Barcelona and he passed away only a few months after Manchester. I’m thankful to Walter for a lot of things but probably most of all for me personally it was getting us to that final and letting my dad see us play in it. 

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