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Fanzone updates & city info

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24 minutes ago, psb07158 said:

Something like this at Ibrox would be class



Far too sensible an idea for us to go along with. You could sell it out and cover all the costs of doing it. Problem now would be the logistics of pulling it all together in time. Which is why I'd think it won't happen in Spain either. Unless they are better at arranging things than we are in this country.

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how funny would it be if they did let us into that stadium they lost in. they are hurting as it is just for it being in seville :craphead:

im hoping there are big displays at ibrox. if you cant get to seville then ibrox is the next best place to go. guaranteed 50,000 inside. can charge silly money as well. a few big tellys and the money will be rolling in. 

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17 minutes ago, CoplandRoad83 said:

As good as the internet is, I kinda long for the low stress days of "it'll be alright once I get there", as opposed to daily anxiety checking updates about lack of venues/drink etc etc - even if common sense tells you they will sort something out.

Add on the unvaxed squad and can you enter Spain, sorted now thanks to @Bad Robot topman

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1 minute ago, EMRFC said:

Doesn’t Spain now have a cap on how many drinks you can buy too?

Majorca does but that’s only at all inclusive 

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