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This is un-bear-able!

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1 hour ago, Burt Macklin said:

I've actually been bitzing my work this morning, hoping it'll make the time pass quicker. It hasn't and I can't speak to the quality of said work...  :lol:

Well, a lunchtime beer should help speed things up

Dear God, you wouldn't get me back to my desk

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14 minutes ago, The Beast said:

Very little sleep last night. Working from home and can't focus.

I'm going to bunk off about 4:30 and get on it.

Fookers got me in a meeting at 4 here. As soon as it's finished, I'll be slipping out of the place like a greased ferret

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2 hours ago, RFC RYAN said:

On the train to Seville the now feel sick. Will be a tough one heat is ridiculous no breeze what so ever. Was 28 degrees at 11 last night in Córdoba and its warmer in Seville. 

Went to Benalmedena a few times over the last 6-7 years. It's always bloody hot in Sevilla, although this is a wee bit earlier in the year than we've usually gone. Still, it will be a stinker for the players.

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