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What an effort - Hold your heads high lads.

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Just now, mitre_mouldmaster said:

So we came the width of the post from winning the Europa League, but it wasnt to be.

I thought I would be absolutely heartbroken, but pride is still winning the battle.

What a monumental effort by all of our team and all of our fans.

Hold your heads up high boys, you have taken us one hell of a ride in the last 10 years, I cant wait to see what the next 10 has to offer.

Special mention to Bassey, the guy is an absolute hero.

If you're not heartbroken you're a fanny imo

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Been a great campaign. I am heartbroken, but there's no denying the team's been brilliant. Great memories.

No right to be here, but we were. 

Good effort, boys. Some folk are just a bit entitled and probably don't deserve it tbh.


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.Don't know why managers bring players on for their first touch to be a penalty!! Same thing happened with England at the euro finals. Someone was always going to miss one. If we played better we would of won the game in 90 minutes. Can't say we was the better team so can't have any complaints about losing the game tbh. We should have scored though in the second half of extra time.

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I feel so sorry for the team. They put everything in to this and to lose in such a harsh fashion is so much worse.

I am devastated but I don't think any of us can overlook how much this would have meant to our players.

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They can all hold their heads high, to a man. Missed penalty, missed chance and missed interceptions? Whatever. It was a missed opportunity, let's not forget the guy who missed the key penalty will regret it even more having missed the last european final he had the chance to play in. Each of them played a part in us getting here, they sadly didn't take the chance tonight.

I thought subbing Ramsey and Roofe on to take penalties was a terrible idea - one scored, one missed... what can you do?

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Just now, Scottywellhousetb said:

Let's all jump on Ramsey ,shitebag, coward etc. 

Got set up for it tbh and the abuse that’s going to head his way from people is shite 

I hate it that technically excellent players like Kent don’t want to hit one. Just run up and bang it hard down the middle

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10 minutes ago, Bristol loyal said:

Totally heartbroken right now, will probably never see a chance to win a European trophy again in my lifetime.



I'm just numb......... i want to blame Ramsey but penalties are a coin toss......... just  so gutted. Cold light of day i know i'll feel different, but at the moment i'm just destroyed

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