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*****Official Rangers vs Hearts Scottish Cup Final match thread*****

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Vital we win this. Imperative is the right word you’ve used mate.

Didn’t watch the game last night with my old man but will be watching on Saturday with him. First game we’ll have watched together for at least 10 years if I recall correct. Anything will do Rangers, anything at all.

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Time to go again and get our hands on the cup. 

Last night really hurts but take a step back and realise we lost a European final on a coin toss basically 

Go Saturday win the cup and enjoy the day. 

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Changes have to be made.

You can't expect players to play 120 minutes in sweltering heat, travel and be physically ready 3 days later. Not to mention how mentally drained they are.

Some players like Tav, Goldson and Bassey seem to manage but not all can be expected to.

Roofe, Ramsey, Balogun and Sakala are fresh and must start.

And obviously, youth like Lowry and McCann should be given a chance.

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1 minute ago, Thermopylae said:

So good that this game is still there to be played if it was the break up for the closed season after last night the disappointment would have lingered all summer ... at least this way it will be diluted by the long overdue return of an old friend


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Not sure how then players come back from that mentally last night to lift themselves. Can only see more Hampden heartache in all honesty. Maybe being overly pessimistic as the team I’d like to see could win the game easily. 


Tavernier Goldson King Bassey

Lundstram Davis Lowry

Sakala Roofe Kent

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9 minutes ago, MARK92GERS said:












I would play Mcgregor to give him the chance to leave on a high. Also would play Lowry rather than Davis to provide a forward threat and would have McCann as back up for Jack on the bench rather than kamara. We need to push our younger players and sell some of the players who want a move such as kamara. Time for change.

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4 minutes ago, ForeverAndEver said:

Won’t lie, canny be arsed with it atm. Still feel dead deflated. 

Same, i desperately want to win the cup, want gio especially to finish this season with something, but right now i cant get up for this game at all, just no heart after last night

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1 minute ago, leam_baw said:

Too soon

I understand what you’re saying but the games on Saturday, it’s Thursday.

Last night was a gutting disappointment but at the end of the day we lost on penalties, there’s little can be said about that manner of defeat. 

I’ve said for a long time I will be delighted when we lift the Scottish Cup again, and last night has not changed that for me at all.

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