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The refereeing today

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Just now, ScottBF2 said:

Just before Diallo got booked he got two hand pushed off the ball as well 😂 the more I think about it the worse it all gets.

Tav had a free kick given against him because their player ran into the back of him. 

The game was stopped as we attacked because they had a player down but it wasn’t a head knock 

The list today is literally endless 

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10 minutes ago, .Williamson. said:

Honestly the fucking worst performance I have ever seen. I’m not one for ever making these threads but that was so bad it would be career ending in any other country but this one.

Utterly shambolic decisions constantly. My celebration for Jacks goal was just a massive release of me shouting abuse :lol:

Thank fuck someone posted about this, albeit a poster I don't respect.

The decision to give offside then allow hearts to take the resulting free kick from 20 yards inside our half was so bad I was laughing.

Actually needs looked at.

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13 minutes ago, .Williamson. said:

Kent was fouled at the edge of their box before that and he gave Hearts the free kick. 

Aribos saved shot was a penalty aswell, he was having the shirt pulled off his back as he tried to take the shot 

Aye the boy brought Kent down and then fell over him and ref gave it against Kent. Utterly brainless.

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10 minutes ago, McEwan's Lager said:

Collum is absolutely incompetent. 

That one where he let them take the offside free kick from inside the Rangers half was unbelievable.

Gio was going tonto at the fourth official.

I don’t know how the players deal with that man. I’d have been red carded and banned Willie Woodburn style if I was on the pitch today.

I was going absolutely ballistic about it, especially considering it led to a corner for Hearts.

That's surely enough (let alone all the other decisions) for him to be pulled into whatever office exists to explain those decisions. 

Like you say, I'd have lost my shit if I was a player.

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