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Tav with fans

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3 minutes ago, tm91 said:

We talk a lot about Rangers class and what it means to be a Rangers player and a lot of the time it's pretentious navel gazing. But Tav absolutely gets Rangers and what's expected of him as captain. You can tell he tries to live up to a certain standard, and he's nothing short of a model professional. He's fallen properly for the club and you can just tell he'll be with us long after he retires.

He's a great player with flaws, but he's the perfect ambassador for the club. And he's grown into that role - its been brilliant to see that growth over the years.

100%. Well said.

Mistakes happen. It's attitude and being able to connect that really count.

Although, that said, he doesn't make many now. Far better defender than he used to be. He's a player and he's a good cunt.

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I thought a few times he was going to be an exceptional player, the we went through a hard time and I questioned his captaincy,  he has came out the other side and proved he's top drawer, he loves Rangers and pushes everyone else on to give their best, he's not one for getting in referee's faces but certainly questions decisions when required and I think he gets respect for that. He brings more to us than I've saw for a number years from a right back, keep up the good work Tav, we are right behind you.

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Tav has been through it all with us.  I mean given all his attacking attributes and assists, if he were also a great defender, he would be worth more than we could ever afford.  

I am gonna remember him going through that little group meeting with ref and deciding the penalty order of the extra time with Frankfurt. Picking the ball up and going over to take first penalty for all of us. Man, he came out shining for me there!

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Mr Rangers, won't be truly appreciated till he's gone.

I'm traditionally very nostalgic about life and my football team, everything was better in the old days... Tav goes in my all time Rangers team every day of the week! That's how good he has been for us.

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