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Kris Boyd on the Drama Queens Penalty Claims.

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Big Boydy nailing it again. The pro celtic meltdowns which are engineered and carried forward by various media outlets, pundits and even their own staff is an absolute disgrace. Every time they don't win. It's a real shame we don't have more Kris Boyds in the media. Contrast to that wee prick Barry Ferguson and it's night and day. We don't want favouritism, they do, we don't want favours, they do, we don't want treated differently, they do, we don't want drama and controversy, they do. If f it's not Tom Boyd on CTV or Sutton on BT it's Hartson or one of their celebrity fans or worse still, an actual player and manager. Their inferiority complex is an illness and it's high time it was called out. Everywhere.  It's a cancer. 

Johnston and AP should be hammered by our governing body but then we know they won't. Because celtic have them running scared as well. 

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3 hours ago, toolongawake said:

The last point about the possiblity of a referee being attacked on the street is probably bang on in all honesty, it feels like it is inevitable.

Beaton would've needed 24hrs security of the cunts had lost again. Whilst the meltdown is funny the serious side is if someone gets badly injured or even killed as a result of this outrage those flaming it will be quick to distance themselves. 

I don't care what side the4 are on the truth is they should no better and stop trying to whip everyone up the minute they don't beat us 

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9 minutes ago, GA1972 said:

Well said Boyd, the kind of thing we need more of. Stop letting them control the narrative

How long until Barry Fergusons out saying it was a pen and scum were robbed 

He’s right here, but the spastic came out and said it’s a penalty for them and that ours wasn’t. 

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28 minutes ago, Inigo said:

Every single time there's a collective national handwringing about some element of refereeing it begins with a sellic supposedly being hard done by moment, normally when they haven't actually been hard done by. It's usually a week long pouring over a decision v celtic. 

Every fucking time. Anyone else and it's for a day at best, that's if you hear about it at all. The complete phantom complaints on this occasion are arguably the most ridiculous so far.

Their grievance train is a very well oiled machine

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