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The next 4 days define the season.


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Tonight was horrible. The score line makes it feel worse. Had a fear we could’ve took a bad one tonight after watching them last week and how hard we had to work to stick with them.

But we need to stick together. Next 4 days define the season for me.

We have to go out and sign a proper centre half. A starting centre half. Souttar sleeping again at the 2nd goal. He can’t keep making mistakes and getting away with it.

We’ve all been wanting a winger this summer but I’d go as far to say I think we need a centre midfielder above that. I’m unsure Raskin is going to be what people think he is. He looked out his depth against a good midfield. So lazy at the first goal and never learned his lesson from switching off 2 minutes before. A deep sitting midfielder that can’t control a game and match fucking runners makes us so much better. 

May sound wild just now but I think we run over the top of them on Sunday. But I think we need to win or the fan base turn. Big 4 days ahead. 



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