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AGM - Tues 5 December, 10.30am


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10 minutes ago, SeparateEntityMyArse said:

I'm running out of time here to ask why there's not enough kebab pies to meet demand ffs. Get these clowns to fuck and get this proper question asked 😡

I’ve been going to the AGM for 20 years and I’m struggling to think of an intelligent question asked in all that time🤦‍♂️

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20 minutes ago, The Specky Forum Organiser said:

'subway loyal' comment from Bennett is absolutely fucking embarrassing, no surprise from him though. Remember his best in class interview after Napoli beat us 3-0? A pathetic soundbite to pander to the cunts on FF who greet about it every week.

Was a crass comment from him, completely unnecessary.  

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45 minutes ago, STEPPS BOY said:

Wont talk about the playing squad but happy to show contempt to the paying fans.


I really can’t go the cunt at all. His interview where he said we were “spoiled” as a support should’ve seen him nowhere near his position at the club. He’s miles off it!

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1 hour ago, B1872 said:

Fucking hell. Some amount of fucking stupid questions asked already. Fucking rockets!!!

Same every year. I went to one of these and itll be the last. Two and a bit hours i will never get back. Too many there that ask about petty things that only they care about. Itd be good if they could  somehow vett the questions beforehand to weed out the nonsense.

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